Helme, 24cm x 41,5cm

Daniel van der Noon

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  • Helme, 24cm x 41,5cm
  • Helme, 24cm x 41,5cm

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This is the original drawing used for the "Postcards from other Cities" 10-part drawing & short story series that I made for Politiken's Bagsiden in 2015. 

The drawing actually includes a weirdly shaped collection of coins that I claim can be used as currency in your sleep. The original idea was for the reader to cut out these coins, hold them tight before sleeping and spend as they pleased while dreaming. One report claimed that a man awoke to find a camel in his bed, and sand all over the sheets. Fortunately the man still had some coins left upon awaking. (the man woud up moving back with the camel to North Africa, now living out his dream in Sfax, Tunisia.) 

Ink on Fabriano F4 paper, 220gsm (acid-free)

This work is unframed.

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