Skyscraper copper-etching II

Daniel van der Noon

3.000,00 kr 

  • Skyscraper copper-etching II
  • Skyscraper copper-etching II
  • Skyscraper copper-etching II
  • Skyscraper copper-etching II

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Having worked together with Michael Schäfer since 2011 - creating a handful of plates each year - this new series of towers represented the most dynamic of the series.

Moving towards using traditional print techniques to manifest colour effects that mimic how light dances off the original copper plates when etching. Oftentimes a drawing is the product of the experience of making that drawing; the drawing being in part a comment of the medium used to create it.

Hand-printed signed edition of /20 made in Copenhagen 2017. Made with 

Not including frame. 

29cm x 64cm

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