Ptolemy - 29.5cm x 41cm

Daniel van der Noon

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  • Ptolemy - 29.5cm x 41cm
  • Ptolemy - 29.5cm x 41cm
  • Ptolemy - 29.5cm x 41cm
  • Ptolemy - 29.5cm x 41cm

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The original drawing was created during a period where I took up a fascination in ancient cartography; both how map-makers perceived the known world as well as their representations of it. A handful of google searches will lead you down the rabbit hole.

During a time when a knowledge of the skies and the stars that populated it was paramount towards creating anything that could resemble a map; such drawings and the systems that map-makers of old used in these maps are as alien to the modern viewer now as Google maps would have been to a contemporary of Ptolemy circa 140AD.

Signed, dated & numbered.

29.5cm x 41cm

Limited print edition of 20 printed on William Turner 220gsm textured paper.


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