"Berlin; eine liebesgeschichter", 25cm x 36cm (monotype)
"Berlin; eine liebesgeschichter", 25cm x 36cm (monotype)
Daniel van der Noon

"Berlin; eine liebesgeschichter", 25cm x 36cm (monotype)

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When I created the drawing "a love story; eine liebesgeschichter / en kærlighedshistorie" for the Politiken drawing and short-stories series, "Postcards from Other Cities" I was sure to create a solid monotype of the original drawing. 

The original drawing was in fact drawn on to the reverse of black carbon-coated paper. Likely to perish in not so many years it was incredibly fragile. This is not a print as such, but rather an imprint. The other piece in fact exists in Berlin, while countless print outs of the Politiken newspapers may still exist in Copenhagen 5 years after being published. 

Looking for an owner in love with a Berliner. 

25cm x 36cm

carbon-imprint on Hahnemulle drawing paper, 260g,

signed and dated, 2015.