"LOST AND LOUD", 80cm x 110cm
"LOST AND LOUD", 80cm x 110cm
Daniel van der Noon

"LOST AND LOUD", 80cm x 110cm

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One of my personal favourites to date, I created this work while on an artist residency at Cooler Gallery, Brooklyn NYC in 2018.

Working as something of a visual poem, the piece combines my own one-liners with scraps of American culture from both past and present. Stretches of colour and some pretty heavily applied acrylic towards the top of the piece uniquely unite, in my view at least, the primary colours together with black in a way I am still learning from.

Partly ironic, partly dead serious the drawing gradually undresses the spiritual and practical advice I was working through at the time. 

"If your hair changes colour so should your clothes"

"Shut your face and start dancing"

"The sky is your design"

"A house divided cannot stand - but it can lie"

A heavy frame with space for the drawing is much desired by this work, and I will gladly assist in the framing process together with the buyer.

Acrylic, oil pastel, ink, graphite, spray paint on Canson 280g.

80cm x 110cm

signed and dated, 2018.