NYC 2014-2018

Daniel van der Noon

700,00 kr 

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Signed and numbered edition of 175* 

45.7cm x 61cm (NY. Standard 18"x24")

1 color screenprint on French 100lb cover, 2018

Drawn and printed in Brooklyn by Kayrock Editions. 

I have been cultivating this city-line style for the past 7 years. Drawn with Muji's fine-liner range - and without the aide of light-boxes, tracing methods or sketched pencil lines - the technique is purely improvised (with occasional reference to details specific to certain buildings and structures). 
Created during my last stay in New York, summer 2018 while on an artist residency at Cooler Gallery, located near the Navy Yard in Brooklyn. 

50% of all sales 7-19 December (before I fly home back for the holidays) will be donated to children's charity

Upon confirmation of your purchase I will reply with an email, screenshot & receipt of your donation from


*price comparatively lower than other prints due to concept and edition size. 

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