Shanghai - 35,5cm x 48cm (framed)

Daniel van der Noon

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  • Shanghai - 35,5cm x 48cm (framed)
  • Shanghai - 35,5cm x 48cm (framed)

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This is the original drawing used for the "Postcards from other Cities" 10-part drawing & short story series that I made for Politiken's Bagsiden in 2015. 

Based on my experiences of Shanghai, I can recall most poignantly the devastating effect of the pollution on the city. Incidentally, the Chinese taxi driver whom ferried me from the airport to inner city was listening to BBC world service. The programme was about China's economic growth, and its need to persevere with its rate of expansion. Listening to this with the backdrop of a city cloaked in smog couldn't have been more surreal.

Ink & dust collected in Shanghai on Hahnemühle.

This work is framed (with 'invisible' museum-glass).

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