Sunus (F40), 37.5cm x 50cm
Daniel van der Noon

Sunus (F40), 37.5cm x 50cm

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One of the multimedia works created this year in the studio originally intended to be part of a show in Barcelona. Celebrating the neologism that is the palindrome Sunus - two words that you can google and save for the next time either appear in a trivia game : p - this was a work that paid homage to the light of the sun which is essentially the same whichever way you look at it (unless you are in the shadow).  

And yes, that's a Ferrari F40!

foam (bought in Mallorca), glitter letters (bought in Madrid), Michelin sticker (bought from a loppenmarked in Copenhagen), various tapes, oil, acrylic, ink and graphite on Fabriano F4 acid-free drawing paper, 200g

37.5cm x 50cm

Signed and dated, 2020